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Ingredients: Fruit body extract (min 40% protein-bound polysaccharide) 500mg

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over 300 published studies have been conducted on the immuno-modulating* properties of the 1-4,1-3 proteoglycans extracted from the cell walls of Coriolus versicolor, including 24 human studies (14 controlled, randomized, human clinical trials).

Decoctions of Coriolus versicolor have been used for centuries in Traditionally to enhance vital energy. Coriolus is the top selling medicinal mushroom worldwide, one of the supplements used most often by those people facing serious immune challenges.

Instructions: Two to three capsules two times daily. For maximum dose, use no less than 300mg of extract per day with a minimum of 34%-40% polysaccharide content. Take capsules 12 hours apart.

Contraindications: Coriolus polysaccharides are safe and nontoxic , having been used daily in clinical studies lasting five to ten years. However, immuno-modulating substances should be used with extreme care or avoid completely in organ-transplant patients utilizing immuno-suppressive agents.